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Colthrop Village, Thatcham

Replacing the Level Crossing

The Colthrop Village development would pay for a new road bridge over the railway and the canal, connecting Crookham Hill and Pipers Lane.  This bridge is supported in principle by Network Rail and would enable the closure of the Thatcham level crossing.
A preliminary design for the bridge has been drawn up by our project team, showing that a suitable structure and carriageway design can be achieved to meet the requirements of the Highway Authority and Network Rail design standards.
If delivered in full, our plans for Colthrop Village would pay for the cost of the bridge, which we have estimated to be in the region of £16.5 million.  We have also confirmed to West Berkshire Council that the bridge would be delivered first, before any of the new homes, to resolve the level crossing issue before a single new home is built.

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